Competition results

Championship Day played on Sunday 24th June. Glorious sunshine and all the competitors had great day.

The results are.

Gents Club Champion:
Lachlan Reynolds
Runner up:
Andrew Thomson

Gents Handicap Champion:
Derek Hemphill
Runner up:
Pat McCamely

Ladies Club Champion:
Michelle Anderson
Runner up:
Lindsay McCubbin

Ladies Handicap Champion:
Belinda Goldsmith
Runner up:
Kate Waddell.

Rosebowl Greensomes:
Ian Patterson/Allan Winter  net score 66.4

Peace Cup
The Peace Cup was held on 1st July and contended by 19 teams.

The winners are as follows:

1st: G. McWillimans / A. Lyon 59 points
2nd: D. Patterson / W. McLachlan 64 points
3rd: I. Leslie / A. Huisman 64 points